Rep. Jacobsen issues statement after majority party blocks vote on vehicular pursuit bill

Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen, R-Puyallup, released the following statement regarding House Democrat’s decision to block legislation that would’ve improved Washington’s vehicular pursuit law:

“House Democrats blocked a procedural motion by House Republicans today to bring the vehicular pursuit legislation to the House floor for a vote, effectively killing the bill. This is truly heartbreaking for our law enforcement partners and even more importantly, for neighborhoods and communities throughout Washington.

“Crime is only getting worse, and law-abiding citizens are forced to stand by as criminals get away with countless offenses because our officers’ hands are tied.

“The standard for initiating vehicle pursuits is one of the most important issues we needed to address this session. House Republicans have been working to restore reasonable suspicion as the standard since last session.

“This year, looked like the year we would get it done. Forty Republicans and Democrats signed onto House Bill 1363, which would’ve corrected the flawed bill passed in 2021 by the Democrat-controlled Legislature.

HB 1363 would’ve authorized police to pursue criminal suspects based on reasonable suspicion, rather than the much more stringent probable cause.

“Unfortunately, despite so many lawmakers from both sides pushing for this change, when it came time to vote on the motion it was denied on party lines, meaning the same 20 Democrats who signed onto the bill all voted against it, including its primary sponsor.

“I fully support law enforcement and I’m truly saddened by House Democrats’ decision today to deny this motion. Our families and communities deserve more from their lawmakers and this bill would have improved public safety and helped right a wrong.”


Washington State House Republican Communications