About Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen

Cyndy is here to serve you! She is a life-long Washingtonian who has lived in this part of the state for over three decades. Cyndy and her husband raised their seven children in the Puyallup area and now many of their grandchildren are growing up close to home.

She is passionate about helping people and brings a wide variety of experience to the table. Cyndy has been a community college math teacher, a private sector accountant, a small business owner, a real estate entrepreneur, a home-school parent, and a Puyallup City Council member.

With a lifelong attitude of service, Cyndy has also volunteered as a president, treasurer, and board member for many parent, community, and faith-based groups. She brings frugality, common sense, and a collaborative spirit to the Legislature.

Additionally, Cyndy holds a master’s degree in Professional Accountancy from Central Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Accounting from Western Washington University.

She is the assistant ranking member of both the House Finance Committee and the Local Government Committee. She also serves on the Rules Committee and the Postsecondary Education & Workforce Committee.

Cyndy brings her experience and energy to better serve you at the state level, whether that be in district or in Olympia. She continually strives to make a positive difference in Washington no matter the challenge.