Two bills from Rep. Jacobsen sign into law

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Two bills from Rep. Jacobsen sign into law

The governor signed into law on Friday two bills from Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen, after both received unanimous support from the House and Senate.

House Bill 1984 will require paper-issued registration certificates for vehicles, trailers, and vessels to be printed to allow for the manual removal of a registrant’s address, by the named registered owner.

“This will correct an ongoing issue that leaves victims of car theft susceptible to further crimes by allowing them to keep their personal information private,” said Jacobsen, R-Puyallup.

The governor also signed House Bill 1930, which will allow cosmetologists and similar licensees whose licenses expired, or were canceled, on or after March 1, 2020, to renew their license before June 30, 2023.

“We should do anything we can do to help those who have been hurt by the COVID shutdown order get back to work,” said Jacobsen. “But there is more to do in the interim. I plan to continue working with cosmetologists in the coming months to develop more comprehensive legislation.”

Under current law, these licenses expire two years after issuance. If a license expires before the renewal date, the licensee is subject to a penalty fee and payment of each year’s renewal fee. Generally, a license that is not renewed within one year after its expiration date is canceled, and the person seeking to renew such a license is required to meet the same standards as a new applicant.

“Both of these bills the governor signed today provide real solutions to real problems,” added Jacobsen. “I’m pleased to see this legislation become law and I know these policies will help those individuals dealing with both of these issues.”

HB 1930 is scheduled to take effect in June of this year, while HB 1984 is scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, 2023.

The 2022 legislative session concluded March 10.


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