Jacobsen introduces bill to reemploy non-vaccinated workers forced out of jobs

Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen is sponsoring a bill this year that would help state workers who were forced to quit because of state vaccine mandates get their jobs back.

House Bill 1029 intends to create a pathway for those employees to be reemployed in their former positions if they choose.

“The governor’s emergency proclamations making COVID-19 vaccination a condition of employment within executive branch agencies created unnecessary hardship for many state employees,” said Jacobsen, R-Puyallup.

“In addition to not allowing qualified, experienced employees work in their professions, it does nothing to benefit the state, especially during this time of worker shortages.”

The bill would also encourage local governments and private sector employers to create pathways to rehire employees who have lost their jobs due solely to vaccine mandates. “By excluding qualified former or prospective employees with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, the state is hindering its own progress,” added Jacobsen. “This is not good policy, and it needs to be corrected.”


Washington State House Republican Communications